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Transferable skills - Listing the useful ones.
Quote:Would you consider taking site tours or giving lectures.. or schools visit... would that be classed as " what?" and how would you show this as a skill that is learned and useful outside the wonderful world of archaeology.
I usually phrase that sort of thing as:
- Communicating technical concepts to non-technical and non-specialist audiences.
- Public speaking.

Teamworking is a pretty major skill to have. Working as part of a team of specialists, working as part of a wider team with a range of skills, leading a team...
Try this handful...

Team working: -
appreciate its personal demands
work within a hierarchical structure
co-operate and learn from peers
group discussion, asking pertinent questions and responding to comments
listen and share knowledge effectively
reflect on self-progress in a group environment
manage own work as part of a team

Additional individual skills include: -
analytical and graphical
data collection and management
sampling strategies
dealing with digital data
recognition, description and reporting
Critical thinking
Independent learning and working
Problem solving
Health and Safety
Written and oral communication
Managing time efficiently and effectively in both practical and intellectual situations
Capacity and desire to learn in both subject and non-subject areas
Experience of a professional environment and maintaining a positive and professional attitude to colleagues and supervisors
Precision and cautiousness in the assessment of evidence, evaluating what it can and cannot say
Apply an understanding of relevant archaeological concepts and methods in non-archaeological situations
•Research and writing skills – tested by assessment methods (e.g. fieldwork report, diary, portfolio).
•Public speaking
Perfect list there.

Now... tricky bit number two... How do you access Critical thinking and produce a statement that explains to an assessor, what critical thinking is as well as provide evidence that you know how to think critically.

H and S is easier... Research ad Writing... yup...

Accuracy ... aye.. can see how that can be evidence based.

The trouble is often subjective analysis - so I may say... I am fine in a group, while annother might say I am a pain in the ass and disrupt it with stupid jokes and chatting. Which I might counter by saying this is helping the team relax and therefore being more productive overall, as a happy team works better.
i havent compiled a cv for over 20 years but i have read loads and loads so this is an interesting thread insofar as it relates to employment potential (topic-ish)

everybody writes team worker and solo worker on their cv and almost everybody mentions their analytical skills - in fact most cvs are entirely interchangable when it comes to this sort of thing
what stands out for me are your interests and aspirations, what you spend your free time doing and where you want to be in the near future
skills acquired outside the narrow confines of archaeology are very useful in this respect

so - what transferable skills do archaeologists have? i would start with adaptability
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
That's about the only thing listed so far that'll be any use in MacDonalds or on a production line in a car plant? What about the basics like punctuality and not taking endless days off 'sick' and preparedness to work flexible/antisocial hours and the like? Those are the kind of things that tend to result in continuous employment, both inside and outside archaeology :face-stir:
Quote:appreciate its personal demands
?work within a hierarchical structure
? co-operate and learn from peers
?group discussion, asking pertinent questions and responding to
? listen and share knowledge effectively
?reflect on self-progress in a group environment
?manage own work as part of a team

Good ones but

what they really want to convince them that you have been a succesful archaeologist is a list of all the gold and silver that you have found. Maybe what diggers should be asked for is pot sherds per day counts, slot rates, barrow run dumps. This what the plastic factory night shift boss understands.
Reason: your past is my past

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