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Radio 4 piece on Merseyside and planning
Some of you may have heard this but if not it makes quite interesting listening, see how vague the councillor is on how they are apparently 'improving' the Historic Environment Service in Merseyside... by cutting it.
Very vague...

very vague indeed. !
Just because you think they are all out to get you..... Archaeologists get in the way and once involved in the planning system start to know to much as an outside group of the planners, politcians and developers. Also the buggers all ways look to pay you back for going against their wishes. They can lean on planners but we have this weird morality about archaeology. Thet need us out the way or scared . They need to get rid of those who have know to much and are too expericenced. Hence when you start looking at the figures they are using the cuts as a cover to attack archaeologys role in planning across the UK. You dont see them cutting planners jobs but the one archaeologist Oh yes. Look what happened to the planning team for archaeology in Northern Ireland. Wiped out. The Devil is in the detail. }Smile
Has anyone got an over view and the figures for the cut backs to local Government archaeology services? I know roughly what is going on in my region only because it has a direct effect on me in more ways than one. I have no idea what's happening across the country only a general appreciation that it is not good. It looks like archaeological services are being drastically cut almost in anticipation of a planning service that is not going to need them. Normally I am not one for conspiracy theories but this looks a bit more planned than your usual local government cock ups. have Council Chiefs been given an unofficial directive to get rid of the archaeology services?

Merseyside has an H.E.R but that's about it and it will cost you an arm and a leg to access it no matter who you are, contractor, member of the public or academic researcher. Not sure who funds it now either but suspect it is the National Museum of Liverpool not Merseyside.

Can A.l.G.A.O tell us what the score is across the country?

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