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Planning for People - National Trust Support
BAJR Wrote:Jump aboard... and damned be them that slagged you off. Wink

I will say... lets keep this on topic as vulpes so rightly says

"on topic" a forum for debating topics there are times when there is a distinct lack of input. 2,043 people are members and only six have said anything I detect some apathy?
I think that whether you like the national trust or not, just over 100,000 people to sign up is pretty impressive and at the end of the day reaches the same goals asmost archaeologists. Also I think its a little unfair to say people are apathetic about the issue, i signed the petition ages ago so having a debate about it seemed a little too late for me!!
Dirty Dave Lincoln Wrote:"on topic" a forum for debating topics there are times when there is a distinct lack of input. 2,043 people are members and only six have said anything I detect some apathy?

Has been questioned before on here, many people seem to 'view' but few contribute...... Just be glad there are enough to keep the ball rolling, and just enough polarised viewpoints to keep things interesting - threads seem to rapidly die out when we all agree on something! Actually on that line I can't see this one going much further, anyone want to chip in with a suitably contentious reason why we shouldn't all sign?
I'm not sure why not signing would be an issue, this survey is surely only highlighting the fact that we need to relook at the governments decisions for the NPPF and not really suggesting any confirmed issues....can it really hurt to sign it?
Think you're preaching to the converted.....
Fair you say, not much more to say about this one?!
With the official consultation deadline fast approaching, well over 160,000 people have added their voice to our Planning for People petition. This is a fantastic response, thank you for signing up.

There are three days to go, so please encourage your family and friends to add their names, to make sure the Government really gets the message that their proposed planning reforms need rethinking. We will be delivering the petitions to Downing Street on Monday 17 October, along with our official response to the consultation.
There is no deadline for writing to your MP to share your concerns. Once the consultation closes there will be a lot of work going on behind-the-scenes to iron out the details of the planning framework. By raising the subject with your MP, you remind them just how important this is to you.

Take a look at our Planning for People summary, which sets out the changes we want to see in the planning framework.

Our work continues too, as we enter into constructive dialogue with Planning Minister, Greg Clark, looking at the policy in detail. We will be paying very close attention to the planning framework as it evolves, doing everything we can to ensure that, by the time it becomes law in April 2012, planning is for people, not just a blunt tool to deliver economic growth.
also :

We have just three days until the government shuts its consultation on rigging the planning system in favour of property developers. We can stop this turning into a building frenzy which could blight our landscape for generations. But we haven't got a moment to lose!

On Monday, the "Save Our Countryside" petition will be carried into 10 Downing Street. The more names on it, the more likely we are to get the government to protect precious green places and wildlife from bulldozers.

Can you ask your friends and family to join the 100,000 of us already saying "Save Our Countryside"? If enough of us get involved, we can make David Cameron realise the public wants him to rethink these dangerous plans.

Please forward this email now - ask your friends and family to take 30 seconds to sign the petition:

So many different groups are worried about the current plans:
The National Trust warns that "short term financial gain has been put ahead of everything else." [1]
Friends of the Earth predicts “a building free-for-all that will blight our countryside with bad building.” [2]
The National Housing Federation warns: “these changes could let private developers off the hook in terms of delivering thousands of affordable homes.” [3]

If we work together, we can change the government's mind. We can protect local communities' right to have their say. We can make sure affordable housing is built where it’s needed. And we can protect wildlife and beautiful, tranquil places for future generations.

The consultation closes in three days. Once our green fields are gone, they're gone forever. So let's move fast now to protect them - just like we did to stop England's forests being sold off. [4]

Please forward this email to friends and family now and ask them to take 30 seconds to sign the petition:

If you use Facebook, please share the petition wth your Facebook friends by clicking here:

If you use Twitter, please send a tweet about the petition by clicking here:

Thanks for getting involved,

David, Hannah, Johnny, Marie, Cian, Becky and the 38 Degrees team


Read more about the government’s proposed planning changes on the 38 Degrees website:
another week begins

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