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2011 IfA Council Elections
Quote: [Image: quote_icon.png] Originally Posted by BAJR [Image: viewpost-right.png]
Everyone else - which I am not saying is bad is management at groups like Oxford, Mola Cotswold etc...

Dinosaur Wrote:Bit rash putting that in? - fuel for the conspiracy theorists....Big Grin

And not true :face-thinks: Unless im management and i missed something....... Big Grin
In addition to Julie not being 'management', Jo Bacon, Steve Allen and Rob Read are self-employed illustrators, Mark Hall is a History officer at Perth museum, Brigitte Buss is a Consultant (just like Andy Towle and now Jonathan Smith). We've also got consultants, curators, the deputy director of PAS, and yes, in one case, we do have a candidate who is part of the senior management of a contracting unit.
is this a trowel I see before me,

a what
Reason: your past is my past
I thought that would help get people talking Wink


For people to recap... have a look at notice2011 pdf that you will have got with the Ballot.

Sorry to be so controversial, but felt it needed a wee jog....

The big question that is on people's lips is what is going to happen to fieldworkers - the poor bloody infantry. The Bench marking and the consolidation of the market.

So now we have a few days left ( ballot papers have to be in by 23rd! )

Do any candidates have any last words to convince people to vote for them.

There is a strong illustrators voice (as one myself I am happy) and also a Diggers voice. I would very much like to see a council that has a broad range of experience, but also feel that the voice of teh fieldworker must not only be heard, but be strong enough to carry forward motions within council itself.

I realise that I worded the post in order to be slightly naughty... but it has worked.

I myself see myself as a digger... though \i run projects and mange them, so.... over to candidates.

pps... could I copy and Paste the Candidates statements here?
Very good Uo1...the forum wouldnt be the same to read without your particular brand of humour Wink

Quote:The big question that is on people's lips is what is going to happen to fieldworkers - the poor bloody infantry.
Whilst this is obviously a matter of huge importance to us all surely this is ignoring, to detriment, many other 'big questions' on peoples lips. And surely benchmarking and consolidation will affect many more than fieldworkers alone.

Quote: I would very much like to see a council that has a broad range of experience, but also feel that the voice of teh fieldworker must not only be heard, but be strong enough to carry forward motions within council itself.
I agree that a broad range of experience is essential but unlike you i feel that someone who is capable of listening, understanding, mediating and carrying forward many peoples interests and concerns is the key importance to the position, not the candidates job label. You consider yourself an illustrator, a manager and a fieldworker so surely other archaeologists, possibly some of the other candidates, also have multiple job descriptions (self labelled or otherwise) and they surely MUST have vested interests in other fields within the discipline.

I have held back posting in this discussion because i dont want to 'campaign for your votes' in an arena that not all candidates may have access to. They may not be bajrfed members, or may not currently have access to a computer or the internet. Everyone submitted a statement, use these to guide you Smile
Nice answer... Smile

I was also a Council Member myself - once - and I did feel that campaigning was important. Candidates should consider all ways of approaching the people who will vote. and the short statement does not so much allow people to ask questions.

You have shown that you can - and this can only mean that you may gain more votes, because you are now more than a name and a statement.

I don't understand why people would not want to campaign, as this is an important time to be Council. What you believe in, what you intend to do, why you want to do it, these are questions that should be asked. This is a good arena to show the one thing that has always been a bug bear for people who don't want to join. You only get to see what the IfA does if you are a member. Engaging those who are not, and making them aware of what you will do in Council. that is a way forward.

That said... Benchmarking.... agreed with, approved, etc...... the Council accepted the findings... then? I would vote for anyone that pushed that forward. (for the benefit of everyone) but speaking as someone who also went into a diggers job last year, I can say that teh digger is seriously crushed. Even teh BAJR minima is crap... but hells teeth the IfA minima? if you manage to find work for 60% of the year... live off 10k, but have extra expenses becasue of transport, accomodation etc.

Anyone who fights for them... has my vote.
Quote:I don't understand why people would not want to campaign
Well....maybe i am being too sporting for my own good! I am happy to honestly answer peoples questions. I am sure i am also better informed on some issues than others and would never shy away from putting myself out there to answer genuine concerns, hopefully becoming better informed along the way.

Quote:and the short statement does not so much allow people to ask questions.
(emphasis my own) Tell me about it, i was down to trimming out punctuation to try and fit it all in. I think in this lies one of the pros to the use of a short statement. It forces the candidate to prioritise. If the reader feels that a statement covers things of importance to them then they can be sure it is of importance to the candidate. Fitting in a career history and statment of intent in a minimum of 250 words can probably be more revealing than people realise!!

Diggers have the disadvantage of being in less secure employment due to the nature of fieldwork and as you say can find themselves in situations where they have to put down a substantial amount of money to make some, if any. However hard times is something that is hitting us all at the moment and post ex is becoming a harder and harder part of the process to justify to clients!! Were all being crushed in some way and in my opinion campaigning for fieldworkers is where it all begins. Many of our jobs, whether we realise it or not are influenced by what happens in the field, e.g. what fieldworkers are paid, how they are charged out, budgets, deadlines, WSI's...the list goes on. I would hope that minima improvements for fieldworkers would have a knock on improvement throughout the rest of the industry. We are all connected to each other in some way and need to think of it holistically and how we can improve peoples judement of the industry in general.

Gonna head before i get the soapbox out Wink
You already go my vote ! A passion for what you are saying and also an understanding of a larger picture.

So thank you. and you see.. it worked even without a soapbox Smile
If the institute is made up of a diverse group of people who are the codes supposed to apply to- or what is a field archaeologist?
Reason: your past is my past
The Code of Conduct applies to its members; other documents regulate specific areas of activity (usually in the form of guidance rather than prescription). The Code of Conduct (which is brief and easy to read) embodies five principles of ethical behaviour as a professional archaeologist to which members commit themselves.

'Field Archaeologist' is no longer a defining term - the Institute formally renamed itself the Institute for Archaeologists in recognition that its membership included post-ex staff, specialists, museum staff, curators etc The term was used originally because the founders wanted to include all those engaged in investigation of the archaeological resource, regardless of funding or employment situation, in distinction to theoretical archaeology.

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