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Excavation Skills!
Reviving this one as I am having a final meeting today about teh Skills Passport.

Any final comments about skills gratefully received!
Practical skills are as important as Knowledge in archaeology if not more so and the thing about skills is that you never stop honing them and trying to get better. just as with anything else learn the basics PROPERLY and remember them. NEVER assume that you know whats under the ground and only interpret when ALL the evidence has been gathered. this is, after all, a forensic science not a miss marple mystery. Finally arogance has no place in archaeology. It just gets in the way. we are searching for the truth of the past not the big i am of the present are we not? Doing the job to your best ability yet not being made to feel as though you can't ask for help or admit a mistake. mistakes can be put right, hiding them causes more problems in the future. blah, blah, blah, Maybe you should have word with the police forensics dept. see how they do it????
Hope they can take better site photos than the average digger, just spent the morning going through a thousand or so... :face-crying:
Very Good Meeting. Thanks Hannah and Phil.

The Skill Passport 2.0 is being worked on now, with all the comments being taken on. including turing it into a hardback, weathproof paper Smile it will be accompanied by a fab book that mixes up BAJR Guides and additional Material, going through the basics of every element within the Passport. then theree is an assessors guide (to help the assessor know what needs to be known to sign a person off - with a date and space for comment.

It will deal with everything from proper Wheelbarrow use to GIS and how full your bucket should be to basic finds identification. laying out a grid and taking a site photo!! (just for you Dino!)

I am working on a website just now as well.

This is done on a shoestring... and I will pay for the website myself (as BAJR) but it seems that it can work. In addition the whole will be downloadable for free (though in A4 format) -- the weatherproof book will be sold at cost, or cheaper...

Now... where was I.. :face-approve:
A labour of love David and some will of course receive your reward in heaven!! Let us know when you are looking to take on assessors.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
an update and thankyou from me for your suggestions.

It looks like "Excavation Skills" may become a core 2nd year module.
I intend to push for and hopefully provide as much hands-on practical sessions as the 2 hour a week structured sessions, and accademic staff, will allow me to do.
Ironically by making it compulsory and bringing in more students it will make this more difficult to actually carry out.
I can envison taking 10-15 students through sessions of section-drawing/planning etc but with 30+ not so much.
sounds like a good compulsory module though...could you maybe ask a couple of post grads to help out?
Oxbeast Wrote:sounds like a good compulsory module though...could you maybe ask a couple of post grads to help out?

Because postgrads definitely know how to excavate and record a site?????

(Before anyone writes an impassioned defence of the field skills of postgrads, let me point out that this was intended as a jokeWink)
You know Marcus. He once got lost in his own museum
Looks like the Passport and associated materiel will be of great use to us in this module too.
A Valiant effort Mr Host Smile

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