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Self Employment
Once you take off tax, National insurance and all the rest... remember you is self employed and also the lesser 'labour only' but at teh end of teh day, you will be responsible. You charge what you are worth. and what you bring to the table. plus remember you have no holidays, no sickness, no pension no nothing. Take that into consideration too.

I have a range of rates from 180 quid a day to 300 ( but then I don't work 5 days A WEEK ) so your pay has to fit your down time as well. Employed? temp Employed? labour Only (ie they provide all the equipment and instruction) Self Employed, - you do the job as you see fit within the constraints of teh requirement, you provide all the equipment - everything... you are insured (with Towergate) etc.

Think where you want to be. then just do it... thebest thing to be is brave. even if you fail... then fail again... but this time better!

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