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Help with C14 sample?
Some sense there i feel. Also - also ways useful to consider how different kinds of temporality can exist for the archaeologist > it is not always good to ask 'how old?', but rather 'is it the 'expected' age?' - there is a lot of potential routes in trying to produce 'absolute dates' >>> making the call as a specialist is difficult, when managers are obstructive ("this is not ivory tower academia", budgets/time-scales ridiculously small, and when half the site is already on the spoil heap...

worms, Worms, WORMS (and for good measure WORMS) - see Matthew Canti (English Heritage) on this for crucial info that every (so-called)professional archaeologist/temporal-contamination-remover should be aware of. Then think very hard about how a site is formed (remembering all the other critters and factors out there)

(amorphous charcoal, e.g. carbonised starchy material, is not uncommon in flots)
Dinosaur Wrote:But take a long, hard look at such advice before acting on it! I've got a ???just possibly neolithic building which has remained undated cos the specialist ignored all the great lumps of wood-charcoal in the hand-crafted rock-cut postholes and recommended the limited budget be instead spent on some 'short-lived' material which proved too small a sample to date even using AMS....and, err, wouldn't the original posts have pretty much filled the postholes making it a bit tricky for anything else contemporary to have fitted in?...bugger I wasn't in the office to head that one off. Individual cereal grains, or even small groups, are, from experience, to be used only as a last resort, have had some well wacky results (those darned worms!) and hazelnut shell is nigh-on indestructible and hangs around for ever. Give me articulated bone every time.

Sounds a bit odd. Your posts would have been subject to the old wood effect, but your right in that at least you'd know they came from the building.

Understanding the formation processes are always key to everything
Would at least have had some idea whether neolithic or Victorian..... :face-crying:

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