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Round 2? York ?facing decline as heritage saved at expense of enterprise?
To Chamber of Commerce:

Thank you - yes, I see.

I am glad that the Chamber can see the benefit of aspiring in future to a bigger and better heritage sector, which has done so well for the economy and international image of York

I am glad that, rather than standing still and safeguarding heritage, we are encouraged to develop heritage, and create a bigger and better heritage sector, that will create jobs, and continue to contribute in many ways to the success of York in the future.

Kind Regards,
The Yorkshire Post will be carrying a follow-up article from the Chamber on our Op-Ed pages next week; most probably, Wednesday.
That articles sets out to explain why York must progress and how to balance aspiration and conservation.
It is, in fact, a well argued piece.
I will still try to get back to you on our oginal story.

(that was written quickly..)
but well argued!!
I remember the same argument being put forward at the time of the Stakis Hotel debacle and when was that now- 1986/7. It seems to me that York has done pretty well in the past 30 years despite its 'disability' of being loaded with heritage ......
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
the Stakis Hotel debacle and when was that now- 1986/7.

Ah... happy days... here I am on that very site!!

Good one, GnomeKing, possibly the most interesting and informative thread in ages, thanks for putting in the effort! :face-approve::face-approve:

....despite the fact that all I ever seem to get to do in York is WBs on collapsed sewers.....:face-crying:
As resident of (but sadly never worker in) York I must say I found the original story rather worrying in the curent climate. Partticularly as York has a recent history that seems at odds with the 'develop at all costs' argument being trotted out by messrs Melton, Pickles and the like.

York has seen at least two surges of city centre development in the last 20 years with the Coppergate in the 1980s and the area around Parliament Street in the 1990s. Taking a Saturday morning walk around town in 2011 reveals that the high street names that occupied the previous shopping areas like Coney Street have largely moved into the newer developments, leaving behind a sea of mobile phone shops and tat. Recently even some of the newer areas seem to have gone into decline although given the current financial turmoil that's hardly surprising.

It was, however, only a couple of years ago that the city Council's answer to this problem was... to build a new shopping centre between the existing Coppergate area and Clifford's Tower.
D. Vader
Senior Consultant

Vader Maull & Palpatine
Archaeological Consultants

A tremor in the Force. The last time I felt it was in the presence of Tony Robinson.
All together now..... " Its the same the whole world over.....aint all a bloddy shame!"
Just been watching a piece on the TV news about the listed former Rowntrees site in York which has been sitting around for years waiting for the 'developers' to pull their finger out and do something with it - its now getting vandalised to the extent that York Racecourse next door have started complaining about the state of the place (the developers are reportedly all on holiday and unable to comment for the next few weeks)....hardly evidence for enthusiasm of developers for great big sites close-in to the middle of York.... :face-thinks:

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