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Drunken Ben Bernanke
ha Ha HA!...[even though its really not funny]....,21059/
(in fact don't even need link, large numbers of small media outlets carrying this, just search 'Drunk & Bernanke'...yo ho ho)

if you ever saw this slimy c*** evade the grilling he got over QE1+2 by Congress (its on you tube - long...but worth it if you want to see how these W*nkin' Bankers 'pulled it off') then you will apreciate this story ....

[for background on W*nkin' Bankers, see]

This 'Murdochian' fall from grace should be persued ----never let a good crissis go to waste ---- (but remember, who profits?).....
.................and like Murdoch, it is CRITICAL to remember that these individuals are only Tips of Deep&Rotten Icebergs.

Every chance to bring a Reckoning to this Host of Global Criminals must be taken... watch and Laugh as Pinochios strings are cut, and he crumples, like a drunk, to the floor...BUT DO NOT FORGET THE PUPPET-MASTER, SNEAKING AWAY BACKSTAGE!!! up 'the US Debt Celling & The Council of 13'.....:O Sad
PS: its ALL true i tell you!! (except the bit about Bernanke being drunk in a bar)
Hooray for the Onion!

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