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BAJR and the IFA
Talked to Pete Hinton...

the forms are now on the way.. and referees have been sorted... so I hope for a quick turn around.

Lets see what happens!

Another day another WSI?
I voted no. Whilst I really do wish Mr Hosty well in his endeavour, one thing the IFA mentioned recently stuck in my mind. After all the issues raised by people working in the profession over the years, the IFA seemed to respond by prioritising. "to silence the critics" was the percieved goal that I found particularly disturbing. As a practising professional perhaps Mr Hosty should apply for IFA membership anyway-tiz the ideal? As a website, BAJR is the most readily available (worldwide) forum where frank and honest discussion on the state of play takes place in a multidisciplinary environment. I think that`s exactly what I would like to see in an Institute but unfortunately, dont. By all means, I accept that another try at membership=support is probably overdue.I don`t think that we should entertain the concept of an Autumnal wedding between BAJR and the IFA just yet though. Critique is a fundamental requirement for change.Big GrinBig Grin
Other forums include[url][/url],

Happy chat

Little Tim

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