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What is Roman post period 9?
Hello I was reading a book about Roman pottery and I came across this Romanpot period 9 can someone tell me what it means as I have looked just about everywhereto find the answer. Is it to do with Flavian Dynasty or a ruler of this particulartime?

Many thanks as always

so you was reading a book about Roman pottery was it written by somebody from the 12 century? and then fortuanatly translated in the 14th just before it was burnt in the 15th -possibly

when you say 9 is that the german pronouciation

Many thanks as always

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No idea. But sounds like a typological or stratigraphical grouping? May not be linked to an actual date range.
what's the book?
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are you sure you dont mean post roman period 9?
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Could you let us know the book, or wheter it relates to a particular city, area of country. I'd be more than happy to help you on all things Roman pot related in Britain (you can pm me if you wish).

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