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Diggers Forum
Can anyone tell if the Diggers Forum still exist at the IfA and if they have actually done anything about the benchmarking they were suppose to be pushing for?Rolleyes
hello Monkey,

yes, the DF does exist and you can have a look at the latest newsletter (shorter version) on the IfA website here:

also have a look at the full version of Issue 5 (on the same website), which on page 5 gives a full round-up of what our Committee members have been up to. This includes serving on the IfA Council and fighting for the benchmarked salaries suggested uplifts to be adopted by Council...which didn't happen again this year due to various factors outside our control.

Hopefully we can rely on your vote to support another DF rep to be voted onto Council this summer when elections happen. Maybe you would like to stand yourself?
Quote:if they have actually done anything

What have you done my little cercopithecus?
vulpes Wrote:What have you done my little cercopithecus?

hominin hominon

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