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Rescue sign open letter against cuts
Publish and be damned!

A hundred voices blunder into the night... singing revolution songs and feeling that they have done something.

The move on concept..... do something :face-stir: lets see some action to go behind the signatures
must be the season for braveheart or is it that your servers are not in said papers jurisdition giggsy

Quote: Why no Scottish Archaeolgists? [QUOTE]
[INDENT]I saw the letter in the Times when it was printed and looked at all the signatories and I just wondered why no archaeologists based in Scotland appeared amongst them? Could no one in Scotland be bothered or did no one in England think it worth asking?

you dont have to make it up do you.

Still dont see whats disproportionate about the cuts? infact from what I can see so far no pensioned body in this area has been affected and those that arnt have been hit by the credit crisis which as I understand it the government was voted in to control by undertaking cuts.
Reason: your past is my past
Cuts smuts...

It is all a lie...we are all still being raped by a Corporate Mafia who print their own money, and are deliberately driving the whole world into their Debt, and into Slavery.

NHS (with highest public popularity in years) is being raped....but Bankers (lowe3st public popularity in years) have got away scot free (no pun hosty).

People - consider what money is, how it is 'made', and what it now represents.......surely archaeologists have a significantly useful cultural perspective n this? no?

STOP bitching about archaeology, and focus on the society you want to do your archaeology IN.....Support UKuncut and NHS Direct Action this weekend.

...dont fight with each other about how to implemnt thses Cuts - this is collusion with Rampant Corporate Mafia....

We are INFESTED, and the weeds need to be pulled from the Root...
I would say that we are being unmmuunmed by Corporate Mafia but mostly to protect their pensions which they want our children to pay for. They also want to enjoy free health care with their pensions. The infestation is in the baby boomers
Reason: your past is my past

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