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Latest Diggers Forum Newsletter
moreno Wrote:If there is a need for assistance (forum or PM), I'm only too happy to help. My telepathy is on the fritz, so if someone were to ask....

Hi Moreno, the last two DF newsletters (and the away survey) have both repeatedly asked members (and the wider audience) if they can spare any time to help in any small way and to get in touch. Regarding the DF response to SG, all anyone has to do is say 'yes, I agree to this, this and this' and we will know whether we are on the right track, or say 'no, I think that is wrong but that is good' and we will look at it again. The more specific and well-thought out your comments the more useful they are to everyone -and the more likely to make the final DF response. And the same goes for responses to any consulatation, if we can get a series of recommendations to slot straight into the existing SG structure that is more likely to succeed than unstructured comments. That's just the way it is.

At the DF we don't have some arrogant belief that we know best, we're a bunch of diggers and ex-diggers who decided that leaving it to someone else to do it just doesn't get results. As Moreno points out, the work involved in all of this is considerable, its unpaid, and done for the greater good in our own time. That is all time that we can't spend with families, with friends, on holiday, reading books or having fun; and that's time left over from busy lives often on away jobs and 5am starts.

We have had a positive response from many of those who filled out the recent DF away worksurvey and we'd like to thank all those who have offered their time, and particularily those who have already helped out -and made it all possible over the last 6 years. Together it is easier. Alone it is too difficult.

You get the industry you deserve?


Thank you for the response. I should have made the post more clear that I was referring to David doing "all the work". It was simply an attempt to motivate, if David needs assistance all he needs to do is ask. I'm sure there are more than a few who would be willing to pitch in. I appreciate the effort the Dig Forum has put forth. I am of the opinion that BAJR, whose members (maybe not all) share the Dig Forum's concerns regarding the Southport Consultation, be well represented in the discussion regarding the SC. Perhaps this is the case and the result of collating the responses were not posted here. Through BAJR David did ask for input, and I felt that a more concerted effort could have been made by "us" and responded to through BAJR.
A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.

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