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Open Access Journals in Archaeology
Hi Everyone,

I created a list of Open Access/Nearly Open Access
archaeology/heritage management journals/publications. There are close
to 60 covering almost every area of archaeology. If you are stuck
behind the paywall of most journals, like me most of the time:face-crying:, open
access is a great option to see the latest research. Here is the list

A personal request to those on the list, if you are thinking about
publishing some research soon PLEASE CONSIDER OPEN ACCESS. I made
brief descriptions of the open access journals and what they cover,
which is practically everything (archaeology-wise), and the vast majority are peer
reviewed. I am sure you can find one that fits your research topic

It would be a great help to those archaeologists not in universities
and who can not afford ?7,358.03-?9,572.95 in individual journal fees
every year B).



PS If you know of some I missed please let me know.
Doug - Brilliant, let's hope for wider participation across the sector
Good go there Doug.

Here is another list as well, you may want to filter through, to pull out some better ones.
Thanks David. Yeah I already went through that list, 900+ arrrggghhhh that day sucked, actually days. Though for people interested in a wider area beyond archaeology e.g. history, classics. I would recommend it 110%.
Blimey! thank you very much!!! this is going to be so helpfull!! :face-approve:
Yeah, useful list :face-approve:

Of course for those of us with access to university libraries, it would be nice if those libraries, having subscribed to on-line versions of journals, didn't then sell/destroy/hide the original paper copies and restrict the E-access to their own staff and students when some of us have paid a small fortune to them to get access to the paper copies in the first place - looking at yards of empty shelving where old favourites used to happily gather dust makes my blood boil Sad!
thanks xxx

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