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Our mystery holey pot
Fantastic! Helluva hefty thing to carry your snacks about in though - it's not exactly Tupperware. I'd heard of them but hadn't seen one (apart from some inconclusive chunks that might now stand review).
did anyone happen to catch "show me the monet" last night, there was a lady on there who had made a ceramic pot and then blasted it with a shotgun before firing it, (aparently that makes it art...i dont know!) looked very similar to your mystery pot! lol Perhaps its a peice of potentially pretentious art! lol
Mouse jar ! (eek or should that be squeak?).
Am sure I've seen something very similar published somewhere, been racking my brains (what's left of them) but can't remember where and library not currently to hand....maybe Catterick monograph or something similar?
What does this pot exactly do ? Sad!
check this out

It is a travel blog but if you scroll through quickly theres a great shot of a very similar jar from an Italian museum (keep with it the picture is near the end)

And i think that this book is worth checking out

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