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Public open days
I assume the scenario you describe can equally be used to illustrate the numbers of grown-ups (consultants/curators/specialists/county mounties/clients etc) who consistantly turn up on site with no ppe at all?Big Grin
I imagine that the greatest risk to them is from a Troll pushing them into a deep hole!Big Grin

Seriously, I reckon open days are a great idea but as ML says, they have to be chosen carefully - where appropriate and all that. Safety and insurance is one thing (well two I suppose) but the "public" are "used to" and expect gee-whiz archaeology - little walls, Saxon ships and lots of shiny things. They don't get as excited about pits and postholes, for some reason.

Today, Bradford. Tomorrow, well, Bradford probably.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by the invisible man

They don't get as excited about pits and postholes, for some reason.

In my experience people respond to being told a story about the pits and postholes. What are they for, who made them. Use your imagination if needs be. (Ok I know archaeology is supposed to be serious) Big Grin

Today Thornborough, tomorrow the world

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