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Finding Pay Rates- Attempt II
Hi Everyone,

After some great feedback from several people on the previous maps I posted I have made some revisions. Apologies, to those who saw the first version. I was creating maps in googlemaps which has a different view then those of the embedded maps. On my editing screen in look clean and straightforward but that was not the case.

I re-designed the map by regions- click on a region and see all the jobs posted in that year (now, the maps are by year not job).

This map is in BETA form right now- I plan on making many revisions e.g. at BAJR job data (thanks David for that), different positions etc.
I''ll post updates as I do. For now please enjoy an improved previous jobs information map.

As always any feedback is appreciated. Smile
Can you post the map here please? My net is being odd. xx(
"Use Your Archeological Imagination..."
Much better to my mind. Once it has the BAJR info put in... will really help. watch out for 'spike data' where a post is described as something like PRoject Archaeologist but means Supervisor or PO rather than Excavator. Looking good though.
Now updated to include Illustrators, Specialists, and Consultants. Still IfA job posting data but BAJR jobs coming soon.
Betts_Fan Wrote:Can you post the map here please? My net is being odd. xx(

Sorry betts I can not seem to get it to work for posting here. Sad
Ah crud. I'll try again later then.
"Use Your Archeological Imagination..."
All maps for 2010 now updated with BAJR data. So it represents all of the jobs posted in 2010.
So still no resemblance to actual employment then, since most units seem to have pretty much given up advertising while they've got a glut of their former workforce to phone round? :face-stir:

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