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Developing a working statement outlining concerns would be useful. This statement (in bullet points if preferred), should list “our “concerns (or link to), wants, needs, SOLUTIONS etc, regarding heritage. Proposed in another thread regarding this very topic it was mentioned that “we” could schedule a meeting (surgery) with “our” local MP (wherever “we” happen to reside and through “theyworkforyou”Wink to present this statement of concern and solicit action.

Also in another related thread I had suggested that “we” structure a presentation to disseminate the purpose of the campaign. “We” as volunteers could meet with local societies, parish councils to discuss heritage issues and raise awareness of how the cuts will affect heritage services at the local level (parish, town etc). For instance one aspect of the presentation could focus on archaeological planning issues, cuts and the potential effects of the localism bill. Many of the people I deal with at a local level (archaeological planning issues) are completely unaware of the purpose of archaeological conditions that are placed on their planning. I spend quite a bit time in various circumstances explaining these issues to individuals as inevitably the subject of listed buildings and archaeology comes up. I take the time to explain the relationship of archaeology and planning. To be fair, the concern of most individuals is the added cost of the due attention to archaeology we in part bear responsible for. They may or may not agree, but at least they have a better understanding. Most individuals realise and appreciate the importance even though I’ve lightened their account balance. Smile
A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
I have to say...............reading this long discussion on what is obviously a worthy campaign is like watching certain scenes in the 'life of Brian'.

As was pointed out 38 degrees was a name out of nowhere, but the campaign was successful.

All this 'discussion' over a name is weird and crazy, who cares what its called! The important thing is to get on with it, support it, sign the petition, stand up to be counted when asked too.....

Not to quibble over minor details.:face-stir:


Reg: [arriving at Brian's crucifixion] Hello, Sibling Brian.
Brian: Thank God you've come, Reg.
Reg: Well, I think I should point out first, Brian, in all fairness, we are not, in fact, the rescue committee. However, I have been asked to read the following prepare statement on behalf of the movement. "We the People's Front of Judea, brackets, officials, end brackets, do hereby convey our sincere fraternal and sisterly greetings to you, Brian, on this, the occasion of your martyrdom. "
Brian: What?
Reg: "Your death will stand as a landmark in the continuing struggle to liberate the parent land from the hands of the Roman imperialist aggressors, excluding those concerned with drainage, medicine, roads, housing, education, viniculture and any other Romans contributing to the welfare of Jews of both sexes and hermaphrodites. Signed, on behalf of the P. F. J. , etc. " And I'd just like to add, on a personal note, my own admiration, for what you're doing for us, Brian, on what must be, after all, for you a very difficult time.
And you will be glad to know it will be starting next week. Along those very lines.

Phew ! There will be word next week.. and hope for a photogenic launch...

also there is a viral campaign planned... and videos.. (have even coughed up money for a prize for the best viral. along with a few others.)

Tony Robinson is geared up. and I am talking with Archaeology SCotland so that all this happens... like the three colours of a toothpaste... different, but allow flowing together and with a common purpose. Smile

You are quite right Jack.
Lots of people are ready to "get on with it" some have, some are, and some simply don't like the name. More importantly is that they are doing by attending meetings, and looking for ways to dissiminate the campaign message. Baaa...:face-angel:
A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
I think immediately-strategic aims have to be at least two-pronged.
To gain public support by establishing value and worth followed quickly by gaining political support by introducing a sense of shame. This recipe will lay the table. In terms of input and commitment, the simplest (and cost effective) route is to stand on the high streets and market places with a well-thought -out stall, heaps of hard-hitting leaflets and a petition. Communicate with the public and they will respond. Maintain a high media profile (nurture and brief the media thoroughly to avoid crap tabloid exploitation) and encourage the public to put pen to paper. Network with a wide range of other interest groups who share our concerns and simply get loud-quickly. Whilst websites have a role to play in any campaign- you just cannot beat talking to the public on the streets......become an issue....start the dialogue and people will be with you for the ride. There are huge mechanisms available to launch campaigns, some obvious and some not-I was involved in high profile campaigns for years (distant past!) and above all else- talking to the public and establishing value/worth and above all...awareness, really did stir the waters. On the street armed with enthusiasm and fact-ridden leaflets and a on!:face-approve:
And incidentally-we can all do this as individual entities with our own names so long as the petition has it`s own name that we all it happens- BAJR is a host for all......with a little help-I would have a BAJR stall up and running in no time at all and the country fair season is about to kick off so the sooner the better. Government may be forced to listen to one pressure group under one name "Mortimer or whatever" but would quickly have to take notice if confronted by numbers of pressure groups up and down the country-get badgering people!
I lost track of this thread... can someone update me?
"Use Your Archeological Imagination..."

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