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Find the Pay Rate of Archaeology Jobs in the UK
Hi Everyone,

So I am doing some research on job conditions in the UK. At some point it will all get published but that could take a while. In the mean time I have put some of the data into Google maps so if your interested you can see what people have been offering, pay rate-wise, for the last 3 years. It can give you a rough estimate of where the jobs are and what they are going for.

The website is

NOTE- the years are fiscal from April 1st-march 31st
All locations are approximate. If the job was in London I placed a marker in the general London area so if you see a job marker in the Thames know it's for the greater London area, Waverley station- Edinburgh, etc.

Example map


Since, I am just beginning to examine the data it would be great to get any suggestions of information that people would like to see/have. If anyone has a particular question they would like me to examine please let me know and ill see what I can find- job related-wise.

UPDATE- The data is from the IfA Jobs Information Service bulletin so it does not capture every job ever offered. It's more a rough guide
Some data for the blank bits would be good, eg. there have been a number of big road schemes/pipelines etc in NE and NW England in the last couple of years (what recession?), but the plot above seems to stop at the Humber giving the impression that all archaeology happens 'down south' (ok, lets not start that discussion back up!) despite a dozen or so active units (some reasonably large) working in the 'desert' areas....and surely there's still at least some work going on in Wales?
So I probably should have included a little more detail. The data is from the IfA Jobs Information Service bulletin. Its limited to who has advertised for job openings. So it will miss quite a few of the jobs that people will get. I know a job I had was not advertised so it is left out but it would have helped fill in Scotland a bit more.

No data is perfect so think of this more as a rough guide to jobs and pay
Ah... the IfA job sheet

Its a good attempt... but flawed from the areas where it looks like there is no work, as Dino says, and some pay figures are way off. In the main, companies normally pay BAJR rates - so rough guide sorted. Smile

THere was talk of doing a company guide with pay... benefits etc. now that would be fun Wink

I note on your blog that you have the IfA companies listed as the people to cold call. Of course, for those who are not IfA ROs try here: and get over 600 from across Europe: with over 260 in the UK
then click Map Directory of Archaeologists

pps I am not forgetting that guide! (half done)

In the main, companies normally pay BAJR rates - so rough guide sorted.

Yes this is very true but I was also concerned with the companies that are ... how should I say this... not concerned with following the BAJR pay rates and IfA rates. Since, the IfA jobs bulletin will post pay rates below even the IfA recommendations it does show some of realities of getting paid in archaeology.

A guide! If that happened it would be a real interesting time to be an archaeologists, probably for the better.

Cool just let me know when you are finished.
PS David, I should ask, you by chance do not keep a record of your past job postings do you?
The answer is... of course Smile
Does this include only archaeological related jobs with commercial companies or also other related jobs such as University posts, research posts, EH, HS & NT jobs, archaeology jobs abroad, etc?
Gilraen Wrote:Does this include only archaeological related jobs with commercial companies or also other related jobs such as University posts, research posts, EH, HS & NT jobs, archaeology jobs abroad, etc?


So it does include jobs at universities but not lecture positions. It does not include jobs abroad BUT data from the US will be up in the next few weeks. It does include sources from other groups other then commercial companies. It does not include research positions commercial, university or otherwise. I take it that EH HS and NT stands for English Heritage, Historic Scotland, and National Trust. Yes, they are included but I still have not had a chance to put together a map for junior or senior CRM/SRM jobs (there is 600+ advertised jobs) which they make up the most. So at the moment the maps might seem a bit one sided.
Northern English units traditionally have a very low IFA membership and hardly ever advertise jobs with them, which would explain the gaps....maybe not the best source?

Would a BAJR pay rates guide include units that BAJR won't take adverts from, and therefore effectively be advertising them anyway?

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