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what is an archaeologist?
Back to the original question though, on the 29th July we get to tell people/find out.
This just came through on the Britarch mailing list* though I think it has been mentioned on BAJR website before:
Should be very interesting, and in reference to several recent threads, helpful in defining what archaeologists do and why archaeology is important.

anyone who isn't signed up, do so, it's quite interesting and there's been similar (well, pretty much the same, really) debates going on there (i.e. cuts/archaeology needs a campaign etc)
It is clear that being an experience archaeologist (15 years) is of less value to the heritage sector in getting a job, compared to a range of other completey non-related work when my (archaeological) experience has actually been valued.

So i don't know any more what an archaeologist is...i am/i am not one...

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