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The Digger
Does anyone know if there is a new issue of The Digger coming out soon?

Does anyone know where the Digger is???

Even if the current editor feels unable to continue... it would be good to pass the account, database and other bits and pieces on to a successor.

Please please get in contact... otherwise the Digger is no more.....

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
I've been assuming that the absence of the Digger meant that all problems had been solved and there was nothing else to grumble about.

There's a relief - I thought my inability to detect any change was a reflection of my own inner sourness, when in fact I still have a valid reason to be disgruntled. Hooray (I think).
Maybe some shadowy agents of the IFA and CBA bundled him into an unmarked car in the middle of the night and with a bag over his head, never to be seen again. As a member of RESCUE, I am resigned to facing a similar fate one day and become agitated whenever a car pulls up outside my house after dark... Sad
ive also emailed the digger to see if they want help/money for a next issue...but no reply.

I think it will be a sad day if The Digger comes to an end as it has been part of my growing up in archaeology. However, i also think it has gradually become less punk and more establishment to a point where it is unfortunately less relevant to the idealist in me. (at the same time the idealists have also grown up)...

Does the current situation mean that people are less unhappy in archaeology now or have people been battered into submission?
I believe that the digger has passed through a few hands in the past. It seems that it's time someone else picked up the mask.

'In the busy market there are fortunes to be won and lost, but in the cherry orchard there is peace'.
Chinese proverb
Quote:quote:Originally posted by gumbo Does the current situation mean that people are less unhappy in archaeology now or have people been battered into submission?

Less unhappy Gumbo? Has the price of beer gone down?

I wonder if the problem is that UK archaeology has become 'McDonaldised' and the easy targets of the past have adopted a 'one size fits all' blandness that pervades the whole industry.

Of course what the Digger needs is a 'scoop' so scurrilous that all the rules of politeness go out of the window. And maybe to that end the Digger needs to be revived as an occassional 'blog flash' web-site that dishes the dirt briefly, before disappearing into anonymity (before the lawyers and other apologists catch up with it). And I guess if that happens it will happen.

The Digger is dead, long live the Digger!

Kevin, couldn't agree more, and I've an idea where that scandal might be brewing. Keep watchin' folks.


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