Poll: Do you have a CPD?
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What is a CPD?
11 10.00%
No, they are a waste of time.
11 10.00%
No, but I think I should.
26 23.64%
Yes, but only because my emplyer makes me, or I have had to hand one over to the IfA
17 15.45%
Yes, but I haven't updated it in a long time.
15 13.64%
Yes, and it is regularly updated
30 27.27%
Total 110 vote(s) 100%
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BAJR Wrote:@ Sith where can we find these courses?
your friendly regional science advisor for one will have details

my employer has sent me on courses by EH on environmental sampling, metallurgy, morphe Smile, as well as others which relate to the work i do. some are, shall we say, more validating experience/knowledge gained on the job; others are a total eye-opener.

not to be knocked as i can use these to argue for further courses in other areas in which i am interested/the job requires me to know more about. it's not just evil MIfAs like me who have benefitted: we've done in-house training on DBAs and leave and expenses have been provided for people to develop skills.

it requires employers taking the long view. it demands investment. it needs recognition of skills. it needs employees taking responsibility for their own future. the CPD, which is frankly an exercise in shaping your future in light of an indeterminate past through the filter of a constantly changing present, is a work of fiction, but just like those Gary Jackson books, if you grab the bull by the horns, you can make it work for you. snarking is easy; doing is the bit that requires a bit of application.
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