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Closure of Merseyside Archaeological Service
I fear the full impact of the recession is about kick in, we've all managed to claw our way through a couple of tough years in survival mode, only to find ideological dogma cutting the ground from beneath us. We're about to get the 21st century equivalent of the 10 years of Thatcher's restructuring.
10 years of Thatcher's restructuring.

loads of money?
Reason: your past is my past
duck and cover

More Sad News.
It seems that as of today some service at MAS will be restored:
From 6 June 2011 and until further notice, National Museums Liverpool is re-opening the Historic Environment Record to enquiries.

However, no mention of planning advice service.
Unitof1 Wrote:loads of money?
if you have it already
so you'll have to get used to less
Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution
Will Bring US Victory

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