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Diggers' Forum newsletter 'taster' version available
Hello again,

For anyone who isn't a member of the DF (if not, why not?)- you can now access a shorter version of the recently published newsletter complete with news, views, campaigns and various other bits and pieces to entertain you during your tea break.

There is a link to it on the IfA's website, with the added incentive of an encouraging quote from BAJR himself!
Did I read that right, it's ten quid for a single issue if you're not an IFA member?! I would think twice about paying that for a specialist publication.
No, I think it's 10 quid to join Digger's Forum if you are not an IfA member, free if you are. Newsletters are then free, once you're a DF member.
Just to clear this up!
Membership of the DF is free to members of the IfA (same as it is free to join all the other IfA Special Interest Groups). There is a ?10 annual subscription fee (not subject to VAT) for non-IfA members to be in the DF. Its all there on the website and membership forms in black and white. Not quite as snappy as 'If you aren’t a member yet (its free for all IfA members, ?10 for non-members) join the DF...'

The newsletter is free to all DF members, and we have made this taster version available to everyone.

JSA, out of interest, did you try reading the free version? Did you like it?
Still a little disturbed that the Institute of Field Archaeologists, as it was in 2004, thinks that diggers are a 'special interest group' - that was what finally made me realise what a hypocritical bunch of ...... Sad!

Some good articles though, despite that :face-approve:
Actually yes I did read it, there just didn't seem to be a lot in it, it seemed to be all large print trumpet-blowing about the IfA and DF and a borderline insulting interview with a guy who find some shiny stuff that looked like it was from Look-In or Fast Forward, as if that is all people dig for. I assume all the good stuff is in the full version.

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