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Cuts to CBA funding
The war is over, the CBA has done its job. We should salute all those who have sailed within her, have a mamorial service, make a big bonefire, get some of that champagne that eh "won" off "loads of tax exempt dont need to acount for it mola". We could remember the Congress of Archaeological Societies or toast the time before 1998 when the cba did not have individual "members". I remember when I first started out as a selfemployed archaeologist. I thought that I had to be a member of the cba in order to get so called public indemity insurance off what appeared to be its pet broker (and I still dont know what I need it for). I think that it took me a few years to twig. What a twit I was hay
Reason: your past is my past
i'm not sure i quite understand that last post. Are you moaning you had to join an organisation to get member benefits?

(from website) 'The scheme is open to organisations who are affiliated to the CBA (or a CBA Regional Group, CBA Wales/Cymru or Archaeology Scotland), or are full members of the IfA.'
Turns out that the insurance is not a benefit. The scheme is in fact open to anyone who contacts Tariq at Towergate insurance, there are no discounts for membership of either the IfA or CBA. I edorse it too, and have put some people Towergates way ( they got the same deal as anyone else)

"Many years ago the Council for British Archaeology recognised that archaeologists of all backgrounds, be they professional or voluntary, need insurance cover in order to carry out their activities properly. An insurance scheme was devised whereby all organisations big and small could benefit from a bulk purchased insurance arrangement which would keep premiums low."

-a bulk purchased insurance arrangement which would keep premiums low-

would you think that a scheme which combines professionals and voluntary would be cheaper than its parts?

ifa like to pull the same line

"discounts on insurance, legal advice and health care"
Reason: your past is my past
All I can say is that when talking to Towergate, they make it clear there are no discounts. IfA and CBA should be congradulated for getting it going, but any suggestion that membership gets you a discount is not true.

Now, could we return to the CBA... and their issues. I apologise for the the diversion, it was my fault.
so the cbi and the ifa make claims that dont appear to be true so what else is not true...

cba made its self into an organisation for members from being an organisition for organisations (it went in the opposite way than the ifa who went RAO at ruoghly the same time) but the cba want funding from the british academy-no taxation without representation--it then supports voulennters against professionals but is presumably run by professionals who must as far as I am concerned be undermining the professionals (my definition for a professional is somebody who tries to make a living from thier knowledge) as far as I can see nowhere does the cba set out to ensure my living and as far as I can see competes against me for funding for its own projects. The cba dont seem to be very "academic" which is what I think the academy should fund and presumably does through numerous postgraduate grants in archaeology....RIP CBA
Reason: your past is my past
What I would l [would like to know is] what the CBA expect people to do?

Perhaps they could come here and explain it, to show that they do come out and seek support. This would be useful, and perhaps help their case.

As to the claims not being true, it is rather a case of semantics... they endorse the scheme and helped in advising on its set up, I don't think it says outright that members will get a discount.
No the cba are even more devious and I don?t believe them they just said that they would keep the premiums low.

?An insurance scheme was devised whereby all organisations big and small could benefit from a bulk purchased insurance arrangement which would keep premiums low.?

Just got my rip of pointless public indemnity insurance bill and the brookers fee are over 40% of my premium

Quote:[SIZE=3]What I would l what the CBA expect people to do

This is what I would I what something like this

I like their criteria , no seperating out kiddly or voluuirtying fiddling there, or pretend artists ?

basically any assoicuiation union council has to provide free public endmity with its membership is what I want for professional archaeologists (not organisations)
Reason: your past is my past
Putting that to one side... (which is valid point indeed!)

I am still awaiting any contact from the CBA about how they want support? Posting up on Britarch is not exactly enough is it? So can someone from the CBA come on here and tell us what they want and why we should support them.

Distance does not make the heart grow fonder.
Maybe we should all buy them a lottery ticket? Worth it just for the publication outlet (which admittedly I've never used but the research monographs have included some pretty important volumes, several of which I use on a regular basis, even shelled-out cash for a remaindered one recently), anything else would be a bonus

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