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Museum of London Curatorial cuts
Nothing to do with the field unit, but seems that Museum of London curators for Prehistory, Roman and Medieval are being squeezed into just the one post. The medieval post is already vacant, but it looks like the old game of two fighting for one chair is about to take place. But how on earth can one curator care for the whole of London's archaeology and history from earliest times to AD 1500ish? Looks to me like the cuts are being used as another excuse to reduce staff numbers. Totally ideological, totally immoral, totally predictable in this day and age.
With enormous difficulty. But then again, the effects will not be immediately visible to the vast majority of Londoners, if any (other than those working in the MoL) and so it's an easy, cost saving device with minimal impact to the tax payer and allowing/helping the MoL to operate within its budgetery constraints. It'll pan out until someone points out in a few years time that the level of academic understand and cohesive structured research into the areas has dipped at which point the MoL will leap up and suggest splitting the post into two or three to encourage specialised understanding of the areas again, unless the museum's structure has been completely shredded and disposed of by then.

That said, it's all a bit boring around that way, isn't it?! :p
Ah, but it's the Big Society now you know! MoL can just ask a couple of volunteers to do it for nothing - problem solved, easy peasy..........................................

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