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Jobcentre Advice Needed
I signed on the dole at Xmas, today I found out I won't be getting any dole because my partner who works f-time lives with me so I can't get income-based and I haven't paid enough NI contributions for contribution-based JSA. My partner can get Working Tax Credits but that is only a very small amount. Any advice from those in the know? Plus a stark warning to others.

Careful, it might be hallucinogEeEe**33nnnn..
Careful, it might be hallucinogEeEe**33nnnn..
Hi Sorry am having to use my husbands log on, as i can't remember my password. I work for DWP, unfortunately if you have been knocked back for JSA and are already claiming working tax creduts there is very little option open to you im afraid. To actually qualify for contribution based JSA you need to pay a certain amount over two tax years, as far as i'm aware i think thats nearly £5000. Basically working tax credits are there to top you up to the minimum amount needed to live on. if thats only a small amount then thats it i'm afraid no other government help is available if you are a couple with no children and are fit and healthy and working/ looking for work.

Although i've been wrong before. check out
it may help if you have any other questions
When I claimed contributions based JSA in the summer and was first told it was ok, then another guy said I couldn't because I had been at uni for two years and thus hadn't paid any contributions (desoite 32 years contributions before that). This proved to be untrue because lo and behold my claim was approved and the princely sum of about 54 quid a week was mine to spend recklessly or invest wiselt, as I saw fit.

My partner, with whom I live, worked full time (at the time) as well.

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
Appologies something i forgot, you can actually pay to top up your contributions. Obviuously this only works if you have the money to do it with tho. My congratulations to the invisible man, as far as i can see you shouldn't have received anything at all, but then even the government makes mistakes (Ha) Anybody need an administrator? Andi
Ah. I may have misled you, it seems (coughs nervously, shuffles feet, hangs head, looks embarrassed[:I]). Apologies. The very thought that the government made a mistake.....

I have been reminded that what we decided had happened was, the guy at the local jobcentre hadn't looked at the exact dates properly. The nice boys and girls at the main one (a northern town with an "X" in the name) spotted that I had not worked for 1 year and 11 months, and subsequently showered cash on me. Phew!

But what a farcical system.

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
Quote:quote:Originally posted by Digger

Appologies something i forgot, you can actually pay to top up your contributions.

...Ummm. My vague memories of 'the chat' are that whilst you can pay to top-up contributions towards your pension, 'topped-up' contributions don't entitle you to JSA.

Perhaps our friendly 'government advisor' could confirm this, as I wouldn't want anyone to be misled into paying for something that didn't provide the implied benefits.....

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