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Trainee - Anyone with less than 6months experience
Dr Peter here at the map (coalface) face logging in at 0:45

Somebody said


Even if a student has done a considerable amount of fieldwork as part of their degree course, this is no preparation for commercial work."

As an undergraduate I did 9 months of "commercial"/Rescue experience.The point I make is that the better universities do give undergraduates experience of this kind of work.

Besides which drawing a section of a feature is best taught in a no pressured environment. I would suggest that as we were taught in the seventies it was a very good training for "Rescue" archaeology. When I left university I had 12 months, three years, a decade of experience - I would say I was well equipped for commercial (Rescue) archaeology. I would suggest this was down to the quality of the teaching and training I received.


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Trainee - Anyone with less than 6months experience - by drpeterwardle - 6th January 2007, 02:02 AM

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