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Trainee - Anyone with less than 6months experience
I think this is a subject worthy of some detailed discussion.

I would disagree with the statement: "A recent Graduate should not be machine watching alone". This statement should read a recent graduate with little or no experience.... There are such things as mature students and there are people who do lots of field work during the course.

I take the "trainee" grade to include placement students or work experience or the very recent graduates with little experience beyond their training excavation.

For new graduates I take the training element to be on the job training given by other site workers particularly the supervisor rather than formal training with say day release.

I think greater clarity is needed. If employers are expected to give formal training via courses then this needs to be clearly stated rather than give false impressions about what the job involves.

I would not for example send (pay) somebody on a course to learn how to do dba.



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Trainee - Anyone with less than 6months experience - by drpeterwardle - 4th January 2007, 07:10 PM

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