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Trainee - Anyone with less than 6months experience
See latest Pipeline Job... Now to me a trainee grade is exactly as it says on the packet (or in teis case the BAJR Guidelines) A G1 post must involve a person with little expereince (I would put most students and recent graduates into this ... No 3 years at Uni does not equal 3 years experieince Wink)

If they recieve an adequate ammount of training and are not placed in positions whereby archaeology could be threatened by inexpereince... then thats fine by me.

If however after people with 6 months exp plus are still on Trainee rates... then nope... and as far as I am aware... anyone who works as a digger (and requires no training) should be on the minimum 13854 -

Now what you are saying can be true... but it has been happening since the 80s. A recent Graduate should not be machine watching alone... or having any responsibility at all.. but they do have to learn somehow (a pipeline is perhaps not the best place) and as long as the ratio of people is adequate...

However I am - like you concerned about training... and the sad reality that skill-transfers are not happening ... we are losing too many diggers to teach the next generation how its done... and sadder still it is my generation of diggers that have let this happen...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

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Trainee - Anyone with less than 6months experience - by BAJR Host - 4th January 2007, 01:21 AM

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