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Treasure Trove
Thank you, I will bear that in mind. I have a feeling the coroner will already be involved when the police fish the two dead baddies out of the river, so that would tie in nicely!
Thanks guys

I wonder how much such a find would be worth to the finder, given that the Staffs Hoard apparently made 1.6M for the guy who found it. Say 100 pieces of medieval gold and silver church plate, a saxon sword and a manuscript of 1071 sealed inside a jewelled reliquary.

BTW if it helps establish my bona fides here's the first in the series
Thanks for all your help, the book is now available and BAJR Forums gets a name check in the credits
Thanks for that...
I feel the need to escape to a quiet life in the Fens as well! Damn... apart from DigVentures and Cllr Melton!

and thanks for the credit. that is an appreciated thing. Smile

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