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News from Egypt
Unemployed Archaeologists Mob Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities You beat me to it! PErhaps we should try that here? So where is it to be ? London? York? Reading?
Well, London, of course. That's where they keep all the important stuff, isn't it? North of the Watford Gap, no one would get a single news report.
Prime practitioner of headology, with a side order of melting glass with a stern glare.
reading has better parking
York has better scenery. Reasonable parking by the Railway Museum, too.
Prime practitioner of headology, with a side order of melting glass with a stern glare.
how about Wiltshire, kind of central for the south and near Stonehenge, with the opportunity to do a spot of historical recreation at the Beanfield, where i understand there was plenty of parking in 1985
Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution
Will Bring US Victory
Glasgow - then we can also join in the University departmental reorganisation protest and retire to Byers Road to rest and recuperate!! When's it happening? I'll be there.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

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