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Kent Archaeological Field School
2011 will turn out to be one of the most important years for the Field School with major archaeological discoveries about to happen in the field and the opportunity to build on partnerships formed both in the UK and in Italy.

Our course programme has been fine tuned over the last twelve years and we are now in the position to offer courses from the very best practioners of the most popular subjects in archaeology today. In 2011 we have Tony Wilmott from English Heritage showing us around the Roman Frontier in Wales (May 20th-22nd). Malcolm Lyne talking us through Roman pottery (Sept 17th & 18th), and Hugo Lamdin-Whymark on stone tools (Oct 15th & 16th). Bones and Burials we will run with the University of Kent (Sept 3rd & 4th), and we will excavate a Prehistoric site on the North Downs (Sept 5th-11th) as well as Roman cremations at Syndale Park over Easter.

There is a training week for students (August 8th to 12th), Roman Cookery with Sally Grainger (Sept 10th), Archaeological Survey (July 9th & 10th), Landscape Archaeology (June 18th &19th), and Introduction to Archaeology (May 28th-30th).

We are transforming our understanding of the Kent landscape with important discoveries. These include the Roman town of Durolevum with associated cemeteries and 1st century military ditches; the Roman sacred site at Blacklands with its theatre, sacred springs, and bath houses with full colour mosaics.

The Roman villa complex at Deerton Street with its important basilican barn; and the octagonal Roman bath- house at Bax Farm itself unique in Kent.

However we are here to enable anybody of any age or experience to participate in our courses or field trips. University students are welcome if booked through their Department Head.
Join us in 2011 on courses in Kent, trips to the Welsh Roman Frontier, or Pompeii, or Rome and Ostia, or Roman Germany or stay at home with us and participate in investigations of spectacular archaeological sites in Kent. For further details see the attached PDF or read it on-line at

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