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Diggers' Forum survey on travel and away working
Absolutely Gnomeking - fundamentally we do agree, i think; the issue, as i see it, at present remains to establish what exactly conditions are and to then be able to point to Unit X or Services Y as the benchmark; given the internecine competition in respect of some factors, perhaps that drive can be deturned to the benefit of site staff.

clearly, this is only one of the several issues to be raised by the survey, and to get stuck on a single one risks fixating the conversation on a single topic, but i personally feel that the battle must be chosen well as arguments - specious as they may be - such as 'the economic climate...' are unfortunately what we face. i believe that a society is only as good as the conditions of its least well-off; the same applies equally for any profession. to push for betterment of conditions i think that improvement for those who are getting the shittiest end of the stick is a pre-eminent requirement
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