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MoLA re-advertising
A bit surprised to see MoLA needing to re-advertise so soon - weren't they advertising just before xmas? It made me a bit curious as surely at the moment any advert for field staff gets hundreds of responses, and they can't all be no good! Still, hopefully it just means they can take on every unemployed digger in the country Wink
You can always tell a Brummie... but you can't tell him much
There does seem to be a shift towards sending the feelers out to test the labour market. It may be a canny move on the part of potential employers to advertise when a known cull has taken place. In that way, even if tenders are yet to be won, empoyers can sift the chaff from the wheat as it were and compile a pool of labour that suits their needs in advance of tendering for specific project frameworks. There are a number of advertisers currently listed on BAJR who arguably fit this model. I don`t see this as a problem, I actually see this as an indicator that things may just be about to pick up. I`ve sent my details off whenever this sort of advert has come up- in a lottery sense-you have to be in it to win it! Fingers crossed.:face-approve:
I agree with Troll. I think both this MoLA advert and the one before Christmas made it clear that they were looking to add potential employees to the database rather than specific projects. And good luck to them if it makes it easier to recruit staff when the projects come to fruition.
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Absolutely - can't blame them for that. I just wonder how many more applications they'll get so soon after the first ad. And also, if you applied first time round and haven't heard anything - well, if it was me I'd be a bit narked to say the least Wink
You can always tell a Brummie... but you can't tell him much

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