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Roman Army School
One for DEadly I think Smile though I also expect you are already booked!

The Roman Army School will be held at St. Aidan?s College, Durham from Saturday 16th April to Wednesday 20th April 2011.
This is the 36th residential meeting, which is run annually by the Hadrianic Society. The general theme is again ?Enemies of Rome?.
The fact that it is residential allows the participants to exchange views with the speakers in an informal atmosphere outside the programmed sessions.


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#2's not very well timetabled (unless you're supposed to move from one straight on to the other)'s the same time as the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference - at Newcastle Uni (I wonder if that's why??)
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..... And follows directly on from the IFA conference which runs from 13th to 15th April. And then there is Easter and the royal wedding bunfight. Jeez some of UK archaeology senior types could be out of the office for a whole month without having to take an official day off. It has to be a conspiracy!!
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Newcastle Uni originally King's College, Durham Uni, good pub quiz question that - close enough to mix and match sessions?

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