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Winchester?s Civil War defences discovered - TVAS excavation
In the course of excavations prior to a town development in south east England, archaeologists have uncovered a wealth of features relating to Winchesters past.

A story from TVAS on their recent excvations


Read the Archaeology News - then buy the Trowel at Past Horizons Tools !

Would people like to see more commercial archaeology news?
But isn't it all really badly done (that seems to be the general gist of a lot of posts on here)? Best to keep it under wraps? :face-stir:
Dinosaur Wrote:But isn't it all really badly done (that seems to be the general gist of a lot of posts on here)? Best to keep it under wraps? :face-stir:

Dino, are you suggesting that it'd end up as a name and shame the competition? Terrible state of affairs that...

Tho' to be honest, I'd rather like to know what other firms are doing round the country.
Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution
Will Bring US Victory
It may be a way of raising the bar... I am currently writing a piece for Antiquity's Bulletin, with the hope that it stimulates a desire to investigate, to enjoy, to share and be better, to discover and be happy when we find... rather than panic that its not in teh brief OR its not costed for... Oh no... we have found something! Would it not be better to say proudly to the client... Don't worry, you will be glad to know we have found something and its good for us all.

[FONT=&quot]I want to be an archaeologist... I want to hear what others are up to... I want to tell people what I am doing...

So I will work on a new system ( a bit like the Past Horizons magazine) but just for UK commercial news... may be a bit in coming, as I seem to be stretched... but once up and running... should be a great resource... THe TVAS article, and others - LP Archaeology, WEssex, Oxford, YAT, HEadland etc... have some amazing site news... I would love to hear about it.
It'll just lead to client-poaching! :face-stir:

.....well, make it easier, anyway :face-approve:

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