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Proposed National Planning Framework
The Government has started consulting today on its proposed new national planning framework which as I understand it will replace all current PPS's and PPG's, including PPS5.
To be fair, rather than replace PPS5, it may integrate it into a remodelled single national policy framework.

However, I fear the Minister may be attempting to run before he can walk here. Anyone in the UK who starts talking about 'national policy' documents can have little understanding of how the current planning system works with regard to the historic entenchment of local and regional variations. And needless to say with this joke of an administration. it would be appear to be entirely at odds with the Localisation Bill launched last week.
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
The proposal appears to be to merge different policies on heritage, climate change, spatial planning etc. into a single document rather than a folder of documents.

Quote:The government says that the existing raft of policy documents has resulted in contradictions and acted as a brake on growth.

Decencentralisation minister Greg Clark said: "We have over 1000 pages of policy and guidance that have made the planning system unclear and burdensome.
Greg Clark is wrong, existing PPS's are not a brake on development.

This bit is a bit worrying though as it appears to suggest that 'local people' can pick and choose from national planning policy.

Quote:"This creates vast amounts of paperwork and bureaucracy that burdens developers and limits the power of local people to shape their neighbourhoods around their vision."

He said the new document would hand power back to local communities to decide what is right for them and would be more user-friendly.
Has anyone come across a clear definition of what the Tories actually mean by 'local people' ? they appear to get a bit woolly when pressed on it.

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