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Fisticuffs at Woodhenge (metaphorically speaking)
Woodhenge: Is this one of the greatest discoveries of archaeology...or a simple farmer's fence?

The discovery of a wooden version of Stonehenge – a few hundred yards from the famous monument – was hailed as one of the most important archaeological finds for decades.

But now experts are at loggerheads after claims that what was thought to be a Neolithic temple was a rather more humble affair – in fact the remains of a wooden fence.

One leading expert on Stonehenge criticised the announcement of the ‘remarkable’ find in July as ‘hasty’ and warned it could become a ‘PR embarrassment’.

Read more:

Vince Gaffney and Mike Pitts square up over Hexagonal 'fence' or 'henge' the smaller dots inside the larger blobs (to be technical!)

Isn't Woodhenge a large Neolithic monument north east of Stonehenge discovered in the 1920s?
Another one... yes

OR is it??
They aint gonna know for sure until someone excavates it!

Or has someone done so?

Got bored of the article, but did laugh at the first comment critising archaeologist for mis-interpretating the relationship between a barrow and encircling posts...saying that water was important to neolithic people, hence the 'fence' is later!!???
First up, it's a pity some people can't tell radar from mag!

Secondly, I love the little picture of a Neolithic man. He appears to be sitting outside a stone-walled roundhouse, holding a Beaker and wearing a metal buckled belt (and possiblly metal bracelets, armband and pendant but they could be leather!)

I assumed that the 'fenceposts' are actually the larger anomalies, Hosty. As Vince Gaffney points out, they are rather large for fencepost holes. When he says there was no metal in the holes, I presume he means that they have not been excavated, but there is no obviously ferrous reponse. The anomalies look very strong though, and have negative haloes: there's something in there, even if it's only magnetically contrasting dirt. Either way, I am not convinced that a lack of metal confirms a neolithic date.
Sounds like you are on the fence there Smile

But oh yes the Neolithic visitor was a hoot!

oh... the 'fence' may be the smaller grey dots within the larger annomoly.

No doubt about that,

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