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Government vote on higher education fees
thing is when has a government undone such a policy? it won't be undone; labour were already going down that path, the Tories and Liberals just did their dirty work for them - do not forget that the Labour party are as cynical a bunch of politicking politckers that you'd find in a political union on politics night - who introduced fees - alright, Thatcher introduced loans, when she killed off grants and HB-eligibility, but did Labour undo that?
and another thing Labour were pretty much a shoo-in once the ConDem coalition came to fruition: political pundits were already saying that the winner of the election would be unelectable for a decade; whether one can go so far is debatable, but... certainly the next election, without a nice clean short and not too expensive war, is in Labour's pocket
Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution
Will Bring US Victory
- violence escalating in London - regardless of outcome of vote, police on scene now have created personal grievances amongst large crowds of angry people -

here is link to earlier police horse activity - [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3zveXIHpCg[
All the ConDem Govt has to do is change figure head to get re elected. The size of the student vote is not enough to swing it. All labour has to do is encourage the OAP's out by forcing the ConDems to go for a summer election...

Archaeology is begining to look a bit of a dead profession with little or no University places available (like maybe 'media studies' as well) once the dust settles and we are living in the United States of britain, for that folks is the way the ConDems want to see us. Paying for every thing for cradle to grave, beware of blue and yellow flags fluttering in the wastelands of your local inner city.

Its Life Jim, but not as we know it!
horse charge children - already 'official' media reporting 3 police officer injuries (at least 1 fell off his horse - twat!), and NOT the many protester injuries (mystery of empty wheelchair, apparently 11 year old knocked unconscious) - blogs/twitter tell a different story - well done channel 4 for the real story! - bad show BBC, very bad indeed.......


"trained StJhn'sAmbulnce guy has phoned in to say he's treated at least 10 head injuries from being hit with police batons"

police already justifying their behaviour by citing that the protesters did not stick to agreed route.

this is now officially an OUTRAGE.
i 'liked' the bit where the horse-copper could not control his mount; what was he doing policing the demo, but moreover, why was he not sent behind the police line to calm the horse down instead of rejoining the ranks?
Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution
Will Bring US Victory
"There’s a massive fire in Parliament Square - police believe it may be Nick Clegg’s pants"

"apparently 1000 people just broke the police line at whitehall"
sad news - vote passed - Aye=323 - Nay=302..........

expect a reaction from the crowd.......
now the real attack on society, welfare and services will begin....

this is time to stand firm and resist
What brilliant news for future archaeological graduates, they will not have to have student loan payments deducted from their pitifully wages, until they reach senior PO level. This inspired bill will become seen as a real benefit to low paid graduates. We must accept that the idiots who got us in to this mess are not going to be made to pay for their gross incompetence.
"Remember - Poll Tax was passed by Gov, but defeated by protests.Keep momentum up, now is the time to fight"

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