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And Now... the end is near!
Amazingly - a field work advert! Hoorah! MoLA

get yer arses onto the jobs page
#32 an (aged) out of work consultant thanks but can I pass?
BAJR - bit of a rant! Don't blame me if there's actually signs of work picking up, or don't you want it to? Can't do anything about other sectors within the industry (despite all the wishful thinking exhibited on these pages) but can at least be happy that the one I'm in doesn't appear to have died a premature death after all :face-approve:
BAJR it would appear that you were perhaps a little hasty in drafting your own obituary. Or perhaps it did the trick and these jobs ads are deliberate BAJR relief? Still if there ain't any job ads, perhaps you could get busy on the broken links and out of date information elsewhere on the site? :face-stir:
@dino... perhaps I just needed a rant.. archaeology seems to be its own worst enemy... Smile :face-kiss:
Quote:Can't do anything about other sectors within the industry
Or can you? after all every sector relies ultimately on the other...
Sorry BAJR if I find it hard to get worked up about a seasonal blip in your advertising revenue. I was slightly distracted by the issuing of redundancy consultations to a third of our workforce. :face-confused:
Quote:Well, it is about to happen... a sad day for us all, and an indicator of where we are.

Note the content of this post - for us all... an indicator.. I don't really see any direct call for your sympathy... and your comment bout me trying to get people "worked up about a seasonal blip in my advertising revenue" is slightly offensive, making it seem that all I care about. Slightly offensive given all that I do for nothing - for no other reason than I am able to... and it helps people.

Do I have sympahy for you own circumstances, well of course I can. Given an ounce of empathy. Would I fight and write if your job was threatened, well yes I would - if you let me know if it would help.

I do worry that your concerns blinker you to giving a damn about what the lack of adverts means to people in the wider archaeology fieldwork community. I can survive.. as can you... but what about other people. Give a damn Vulpes Rolleyes just once.
There may be many of you who are still in work but do not get too smug !!!!! Things will get worse before they get better and BAJR is one of the few organizations who actually do something about things, so keep supporting David. I work across several sectors and have seen some of what might be coming you ain't seen the worst of it yet folks!}Smile
I don't think it is, Vulpes, a sideshow, that is. It is no more a sideshow than the jobs and prospects of each of the third of your organisation who received their notices today. You are obviously angry, and I am sorry, but don't vent your anger at the host of this forum. Aim it at those responsible for the lack or loss of work for your organisation. Don't let's start fighting amongst ourselves. That is exactly what someone somewhere would like to happen. The more disjointed we are, the easier it is for the separate small parts to be picked off one by one.
yeah, you're right. Sorry :face-approve:

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