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IfA Minimum Salaries 2011-12
Hi all,

The IfA have announced the minimum salaries for next year on their website:

IfA Council has decided that the recommended minimum starting salaries for 2011/12 will remain as they are for the current financial year.
  • PIfA responsibilities ?15,054
  • AIfA responsibilities ?17,534
  • MIfA responsibilities ?22,704
The Diggers' Forum wil be responding to this.

Good grief! Not exactly bold.

Current BAJR equivalents (which to my knowledge are accepted)

PIFA - G2 - ?15,396.71 (?296.09 pw)
AIFA - G4 - ?17,933.33 (?344.87 pw)
MIFA - G5/6 - ?23,221.29

and yes, there will be a consultation from BAJR, and a rise - if accepted. I expect circa... 1.7% - 2% in April
Is there going to be any work next year ? :face-huh:
The way things are going, it may be a consolidation year. We do have to consider how we... yes WE.. make the case for our existence, as mutters will not turn the head of government. Today teh Chief exec of a council said, "TEll me what you do, because if you do, then we can appreciate it and add it, if you just expect us to know, then .... "
After all the closures of the last 12 months or so, will less units make for less undercutting? That's the only thing that's going to allow average digger wages to rise appreciably, whatever IfA's (not very) lofty ideals. The BAJR scales, although a handy guide, are surely really only a mechanism whereby David can refuse job ads he doesn't approve of?.....although I suppose that does at least make it harder for cheapskate units to recruit (although not much). Glad to know I'm still on MIFA rate anyway, but I'll stick with the money, you can keep the letters.... :face-stir:
And another big one coming in a month as well.. Sad

You could also say that I have lofty ideals, and truely hope mad undercutting (rather than real business ) does come to an end.

I agree with all you say, though should clarify, that THe BAJR Grades are consulted on and general agreement sought. so there is a mandate there of sorts. It is not just so I can refuse adverts, it is not about whether I approve or not, it is a clear mechanism for advertisers to know what will be acceptable and why. :face-approve:
I'm a little afraid the the opposite will happen and salaries will stay down because there won't be enough completion between units for staff.
Erm...there is a minimum requirement for a 2.5% rise across the board isn't there?

I seem to remember some g&t putting VAT up to 20% in January 2011.:face-thinks:
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other; body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming "WOO HOO, what a ride!

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