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Government support for archaeologists
Dare I suggest it but the 'figurehead' for a campaign should surely be the archaeology all its myriad forms. And rather than 'buck-passing' to a figurehead personality, isn't this exactly the time when every archaeologist should be getting involved in some form of campaign to protect and enhance what we have, be that as professional archaeologists worried about our careers or about the prospects for archaeology in our academies of higher education or for our public bodies and organisations working for archaeology? Sure we might all be going down with the Titanic.... but I always wanted to give maritime archaeology a shot!!
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Agreed Kevin, the archaeology is the most important factor here - but it cannot speak for itself, however much it might speak to us archaeologists who respect and (strive to) understand it. I see from Mike Heyworth's CBA tweet today that he is meeting the Heritage Minister (Penrose) along with reps from ALGAO, IfA and FAME. We should all be sending them expressions of our support and goodwill, whatever the concerns we might have with the differences of focus of each of the four groups. I hope that they will communicate with all of us, and not just their memberships, as quickly and efficiently as possible the results of this meeting, in detail, so that we can all do what you suggest, Kevin, and get behind an overt, concerted national campaign.
Sorry - I am muddling my names - I meant the Heritage Alliance. see

The job ad was as follows

Heritage Link: Parliamentary Officer
Heritage Link is looking to appoint a Parliamentary Officer to advance the interests of its members in shaping the Heritage Protection Bill. This is a unique post to be funded by Heritage Link members with support from English Heritage.
Through this post Heritage Link will act as a key source of information and opinion in the sector, contributing to the wider political strategy to promote the value of heritage as the Bill progresses through Parliament. The post holder will have outstanding lobbying, communication and policy skills to develop relations with parliamentarians with strong research, analytical and written skills to produce high quality briefing materials that will interest and influence parliamentarians and media.
Candidates should have a significant interest in and knowledge of political affairs, an ability to deal confidently with senior colleagues and external stakeholders with an understanding of effective and appropriate methods for achieving influence in Parliament.
Salary ?9000 part time over the period of the 2008-9 Parliamentary session. Candidates must have a high degree of flexibility in timing and working arrangements. The post will be confirmed subject to the Heritage Protection Bill being introduced in the Queen's Speech on 3 December.
Hi Peter

I understand. Thanks for that. Is that money, the 9k, still on the table, do you think? Surely this (perhaps a bit more) is needed now for the 2010/11 session to promote and lobby for archaeological interests between Parliament and Heyworth, Hinton et al.
John Penrose, MP for Weston-super-Mare and Minister of State for Tourism and Heritage is, as well as being responsible for heritage and the built environment, minister responsible for funding the Royal if you are wondering where the DCMS budget for Tourism and Heritage is going next season look no further than Will and Disgrace.....anyone fancy joining a picket line at a Royal wedding?
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...

A slightly different view of this Parliamentary debate on the BBC.

The last line made me chuckle.
Dirty Boy Wrote:

A slightly different view of this Parliamentary debate on the BBC.

The last line made me chuckle.

You beat me to it Dirty Boy. Good to see the Beeb covering this story though - APPAG and the politics of archaeology don't get much coverage out there in the big wide world.
Do you think if Joanna Lumley is finished with the Gurkhas she might spare some time for archaeologists???}Smile
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other; body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming "WOO HOO, what a ride!

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