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Job titles

Very sorry to hear about your situation. Mr Hosty offers good advice. I do hope that you followed it and didn't jump straight to legal proceedings. Universities have extremely able and strong legal advisers.

In a university setting there is an extra tier beyond the company boss and before the HSE (in terms of Hosty's hierarchy of people to talk to) - the University's safety department/office. They should offer good advice.

Thanks Troll. As you know, I've been determined to take action against these shameless units for ages.

Regarding Health and Safety, I'm not taking action about that as this time (even though the site I now work on does not have a first aid box let alone a first aider). I'd follow the hosts suggestions. In fact the legal advice I had from my solicitor was the same as that recommended on here. However, regarding contracts I was strongly advised to take legal action because the university I work for has breached the Employment Rights Act 1996 or some other similar named Act. I have never had any paperwork from my employer yet by law they should have supplied with a document stipulating the main terms of my contract (name of employer, date of commencement, rate or pay etc) within two months of me starting my job.

My colleagues have tried all other routes and have given up. It's the same story being moaned about in every site cabin across the country - people think they cannot do anything but they can. Or they realise they can do something but do not dare to try.

If you want improved conditions at work, you have to fight for them.

Absolutely! I do have to echo the words of achingknees who I think (correct me if I`m wrong) is warning you that you should expect a "robust" defence from the universities legal advisors.This to me at least, comes as no surprise-no university enjoys having its dirty washing aired in public and would rather deal with issues (internally/through "negotiation") than in the full glare of the law/media.I have to say that this is exactly how universities/units avoid confrontations with the current law on many fronts.Nice cosy chat over coffee with the Chancellor? Tiz not for me sir-that would simply be allowing the university to continue in the same vein.Bring them to book-every time.Entities like this should recognise that playing God by overriding or undermining peoples legal rights will come with a cost.Good for you MM.More of the same please.Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
I understand and am prepared for it. I've had big organisations (e.g. the BBC) try and bully me before and it hasn't worked. I'm sure this particular uni won't win either.

They have 17 days to get in touch with me.

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