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Whats Good about PPS5
I don't want to get involved in the bitching.... but on the subject of CPD, there are plenty of areas where 'mud-shovelers' can be developing skills and abilities, without leaving the field. It might be to acquire survey skills, geophysics competence or acquiring finds or environmental competence. Having been through the 'redundancy' exercise several times, it is often possession of supplementary skills that can keeps a member of field staff in work when the less able are encouraged 'to seek opportunites elsewhere'...
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Indeed Kevin is quite right - I am getting ready to train people in Total Station survey, as this indeed makes them much more useful for retaining... sad but true, the more skills you have the more chance you have in keeping your job.
I have absolutely no problem with people doing courses that make them better at their job (a 'learning to dig' course would be a handy starting point for some 'experienced' diggers, but that's already been argued out on another thread....) - but I notice no one has leapt to the defence of NVQ1 Health and Safety? Most of the 'basic' courses that people are sent on are so basic as to be pointless, as any potential employer would realise. And I'm not entirely convinced that an EH dayschool on slags would count as a transferrable skill.........

Have to admit I haven't bothered to upgrade to survey equipment with buttons - that's what proper full-time surveyors who actually know what they are doing are for.... :face-stir:

.....and anyway theodolites, tacheometers and the like are so much more fun (or is that my brass fetish showing?) Smile
Dinosaur Wrote:And I'm not entirely convinced that an EH dayschool on slags would count as a transferrable skill.........
ah well, that's where you're wrong.
what's the point of lobbing a bit of something that hasn't got the appropriate heft and aerodynamics, that'll leave my you looking like a right numpty as it either drops on yer toe or floats off into the distance while whoever you were heaving it at is lying on the ground crying with laughter; not to mention knowing which slags are best used for hardcore.. Tongue
but it was well worth it to do new stuff and refresher courses on all sorts of materials, to keep one's eye in and so forth
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Some of the nicest people I know love slags.....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
I liked the slag day.
Got to fondle lots of weird stuff.
You'll go blind...
I occasionally have to 'work' in the same office, his afflictions run deeper than you realise......anyway :face-topic:
One monkeys afflictions are anothers dinner

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