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Russia In original colour photographs
This is a website which we know you will all love. It is not so much archaeology.

But sometimes you need a break. This is Russia In original colour photographs 1860-1920 by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii.

These are just amazing. It is the closest I have ever felt to peeking into the past! So settle down for morning coffee or tea and enjoy!
here are some more of the same photographer which i dug up online earlier this year
there is something quite disturbing about the photos as the people are looking at the camera in that slow exposure no smile way which one associates with monochrome, but the colour, due to hand-tinting, makes one think of much later photographs; and then there are photographs of Georgia, Armenia and that neck of the woods
beautiful stuff
Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution
Will Bring US Victory
not entirely relevant to the thread title but still these are amazing shots for londoners or lovers of that fine metropolis - you sort of expect to see Patrick Hamilton or MacLaren-Ross stumbling in shot
Your Courage Your Cheerfulness Your Resolution
Will Bring US Victory

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