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archaeoworks? Arch?ologische Berufswelten
?archaeoworks ? arch?ologische Berufswelten? 2 to 5 June in Mainz (Germany) is a career/business-fair especially created for archaeology students. All those attending the fair shall be given an insight of the whole spectrum in regards to archaeological work, to give them the opportunity to collect and create there own ideas for a professional future. We had over 1100 visitors at our first edition of archaeoworks which took place in Berlin 2009 with 36 exhibiting companies and 50 speakers.

The event will consist of two main activities: the fair itself and lectures. The fair-platforms will be free of charge, apart from selling your own products ? offering memberships will also be allowed. A visitor-survey at the last fair showed that students are especially interested on how the archaeological employment market functions in Great Britain. Therefore we will concentrate on inviting institutions further a field than Germany, Austria and Switzerland ? who also have extensive knowledge of their job environment.

We have already done this in 2009 and are now planning to this again in 2011 in Mainz. While our first job-information-fair was mainly focussed on the german, austrian "archaeology-labour-market" we want to include more international exhibitors in the second archaeoworks
Beer and sausages in Mainz? This one will be there. With the job market in the UK not being what it once was, a knowledge of what is happening in Europe could be of great value if one was prepared to "get on the bus" to find that job. We are part of the EU and this really can have benefits when it comes to relocating for work, both short and long term, although it takes a little getting used to as the legal and practical aspects are often different to what we do in the UK.

Mainz is also a great place to visit in its own right -loads of Roman stuff and an ace museum consisting in the main of well preserved Roman boats.
Belhaven is your friend
Well... you may just have BAJR there to sample the sites and Beers of Mainz. make sure you take the uniform off though! Wink
Herr Hostmeister!

I vill bring anofer univorm fur dich - es ist Geil and ve hav the free ride in the Polizei-car :p

Trying to get my firm to have a stall here so I can pose about and pretend I know what I'm doing
Belhaven is your friend
What do you sell at this? 6H pencils? The latest in permatrace (as used and developed by NASA)? Just curious.

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