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Birmingham Archaeology redundancies
going back to Birmingham - and looking at it from another side of the fence, it is having a knock on effect that you have to wonder why those in high places didn't see coming. Birmingham has a good Masters in practical archaeology and it runs its own summer training digs for under grads. Given that so many experienced diggers have been shown the door, who is going to teach, work the survey kit, be first aiders, drive the vans, etc etc on these courses / training digs now?

Not only does it mean that a group of experienced archaeologists are out of work (and potentially lost to archaeology for ever in some cases), but it also means that the future archaeologists are going to recieve even less of a quality preperation for the real world job.
Does anyone know what the situation currently is at Birmingham Archaeology. I am guessing that the consultation period for these redundancies is now over. Did they go ahead? Did they find a solution? Hal ? Anyone?
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
Yep, the redundencies have happened and people have left - not sure how many but all of the ones that I know are no longer there. Some are still there finishing off bits and bobs, and a few are being taken on as contractors rather than emplyoees to do little bits.
Hal's original post suggested that EVERYONE had received a redundancy notice. I am guessing that these were rescinded in a number of cases. But does that mean that BA is still a going concern or are those left just winding up business? The BA website is not helpful on this matter....
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
All of the staff at BA (around 40) were handed a redundancy notice but invited to reapply for 12 or 13 positions, so leaving behind basically barely a skeleton field crew. The position of the academic side of the university, the IAA, is now to concentrate more resources on the VISTA centre, which concerns itself with landscape reconstruction, remote sensing, 3D laser scanning, GIS and geophysics. As a result some of the postgraduate training courses, especially the MA in Practical Archaeology, have had to change a fair amount to accomodate this. However, we were reassured it will not noticeeable affect training excavations for undergrads, although i'm a little wary of this.
..and ditto from me. I did the Postgraduate Diploma in Practical Archaeology with BUFAU as it then was in 1991 - great training and a great experience (even camping at Wroxeter!)
and now you are here
Reason: your past is my past
just wondered how rubbish the 2012 ifa conference was?
Reason: your past is my past
only picked up a couple of contracts unit so it was quite poor
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