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Accommodation Advice Please!
Hello! I was wondering whether anyone could offer some advice about finding accommodation whilst working away from home on sites? I will be working in Neath until the end of October, but I have to find my own accommodation. I have looked online for B & B's and any cheap hotels, but so far have been unsuccessful in finding a place that won't use up all my earnings! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!Smile
tent, caravan or youth hostel!
Unfortunate that the economic downturn has reduced the pressure that had been building for employers to supply accom or at least provide an allowance for people having to find their own....:face-crying:

Check with the outfit your working with and see if anyone who may be local has a spare room or floor space. they might be able to point you to short term accomodation, worth a try Smile
I would agree with that... get in touch with the company, who should be good enough to help you out with advice.. after all they have the local knowledge AND they do have a certain ammount of benefit from you turning up fresh and happy..

tenting in the approaching winter... think about it! :face-thinks:
Kill or cure!!
I don't see the folks on the way to the Poles in a handy pop up B&B. Do you?
Also i wasn't being entirely serious. My other suggestion was going to be buy a camper van or chat up a local in the pub on your first night and create yourself a whirlwind romance for the length of your job. At least that would give you something to talk about at break times, if you don't get murdered!
Large cardboard box or tent. You should be ok as the frosts haven't started yet. :face-approve:
Quote:chat up a local in the pub on your first night and create yourself a whirlwind romance for the length of your job.
damn... my secret is out! :face-kiss: :face-approve:
Ask the company to see if there are other people who would share... this keeps costs down...

for example sleeps 4.... and divide by 4....

More likely is here

But ask!

and OK, will confess... if you want to save money and don't mind waking up into the rain... get a tent!
Try caravan sites. You might strike lucky with an out of season static. Or invest in a caravan. If the archaeology industry ever brings itself in line with the construction industry, there may be the opportunity to pick up subs for accomodation which could pay for your caravan.

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